As a journalist, I contribute as a freelancer to the intersectional feminist website Women’s Media Center - The FBomb. Check a few of those here.

An Interview with Syrian-American rapper Mona Haydar

Mona Haydar is a Syrian-American rapper and singer-songwriter who uses her powerful voice to call for justice. She recently talked to The FBomb about her relationship with poetry and its relationship to rap music, her upcoming EP, the feeling of being a foreigner in her own country, and much more.



Beta: The first cyberfeminist bot

As Brazilians have the chance to vocally — or better yet, cybernetically — call out and fight restrictions to women’s rights through Beta, the first-ever cyberfeminist robot.


#NOTHIM: Brazilian Women unite against the “Trump of the Tropics”

On October 7, Brazil will hold the first of two potential rounds of elections for president. On that day, the country will face a threat similar to the one posed in the United States in 2016. Like Trump, the current front-runner, Jair Bolsonaro, is a white, far-right-wing candidate who symbolizes a great threat to women and democracy in the country.



We need to talk about the murder of a Young, Black, Female Brazilian Polititian

On March 18 — just 18 months after Marielle Franco was elected city councilor by over 46,000 people — Franco was headed home from a rally at which she urged supporters to fight for black women’s empowerment when her car was hit by nine gunshots. Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomes, were both killed.


Brazil might finally decriminalize abortion

In Brazil, abortion is currently only legal in cases of rape, when the pregnancy poses a major threat to the woman’s life, or in cases of anencephaly in the fetus. On August 3 and 6 of this year, a public hearing was held to discuss the possibility of decriminalizing abortion altogether.